Belcorp Inc. Belcorp Inc. Belcorp Inc. Hunkar Technologies Inc. Acquires Belcorp Inc. Fri, 10 Jan 2014 13:52:48 EST <p>Hunkar Technolgies, Inc. announced that they have acquired Belcorp Inc., a Cincinnati Based Integrator, Developer, Designer and Installer of Automated Packaging and Material Handling Systems.</p> <p>Founded in 1986, Belcorp, Inc. is a diversified solutions provider of product orienting and feeding machines, liquid and powder/granule fillers,cappers/lidders, product inspection systems (x-ray, metal detection, check weighers and vision) label applicators, print and apply label systems, vertical and horizontal form/fill and seal machines, palletizing machinery, robotic systems, shrink and stretch wrap systems, cartoners, carton erectors and loaders, case packers, conveying systems as well as comprehensive mechanical, electrical, controls programming and installation services.</p> <p>Mr. Larry McGovern and Mr. Ed Kraft will be co-general managers of the Belcorp business unit of Hunkar and will report to Mr. Eric R. Thiemann, President and CEO of Hunkar Technologies.&nbsp; We are happy to report that all exisiting employees of Belcorp&nbsp; will be joining Hunkar.</p> <p>&nbsp;Larry McGovern President of Belcorp stated: "on behalf of all the employees of Belcorp, we are excited to become a part of Hunkar Technologies and firmly believe that our clients will immediately benefit from the breadth of automated packaging and data management product solutions and engineering resources that Hunkar Technologies possesses."&nbsp; Eric R. Thiemann, President of Hunkar Technologies added:&nbsp; "We are extremely pleased to have Larry McGovern, Ed Kraft and all the terrific people associated with Belcorp joining us at Hunkar.&nbsp; Belcorp clients should not see any changes in their contact people. As we move forward, Belcorp clients should expect the same high level of comprehensive service and attention that they have grown to expect over the years from Belcorp personnel.&nbsp; This consolidation of Belcorp and Hunkar will no doubt deliver significant and recurring benefits to both Belcorp and Hunkar Clients."</p> <p>For more information please contact Mr. Larry McGovern at 513-825-1550 or <span style="text-decoration: underline;"></span> or Mr. Ed Kraft at <span style="text-decoration: underline;"></span> or Mr. Phil Brummett at Hunkar Packaging at 859-431-0060 or <span style="text-decoration: underline;"></span>.</p> <p>Hunkar Technolgies, Inc. is a rapidly growing privately held diversified automation solution and data mangement system manufacturer and international supplier of Automated Packaging and EPS Production and Recycling Machinery; Label Application Systems; Data Management and Barcode Scanning, Printing, Vision Detection and Label Production; Inventory and Asset Tracking Systems; IT Management Services' Machine Controls and Sensors.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> PackExpo Impressions 2013 Fri, 22 Nov 2013 13:25:38 EST <p>We recently e-mailed our "Belcorp Bulletin" with impressions of the PackExpo Los Vegas industry show held in September.</p> <p>The results and comments from the show were very encouraging for prospects of growth in 2014. The show was attended by 28,000 plus and the number of exhibitors was up from last L.V. show by 15% to 1788 companies.&nbsp; Feedback from our group and other customers pointed to major interest areas of robotics, pharmaceutical packaging, fresh produce packaging and sustainable packaging advancements.&nbsp; Industry regulatory changes and new labeling standards were hot topics of conversation.</p> <p>After a downturn in general packaging equipment sales in 2012, there seems to be a positive feeling about growth for 2014.&nbsp; Many customers and prospects in attendance appeared to be discussing active projects and plans for growth in 2014.</p> <p>With Kenny Loggins musical assistance, a benefit netted $62,000 in donations for the "K9's for Warriors" project to provide trained service dogs to wounded service personnel who are&nbsp; being treated and recovoering recovering PTSD following active combat service.</p> <p>Now the packaging industry and machinery manufacturers are looking forward to the Chicago PackExpo next Fall.</p> The Unseen Sales Killer Fri, 13 Sep 2013 13:15:16 EST <p>I recently wrote in our e-mail bulletin about the "Silent Killer of Sales" which refers to the complaints that a manufacturer never hears about, but the customer just buys another comparable product.&nbsp; You can see the possible results of reported complaints in my earlier article in this space titled "The True Cost of Complaints".&nbsp; There are many situations each day that result in altered buying habits simply because the package wasn't attractive, the product had a short count, the item or items were misshaped, foreign objects were found in the product or other seemingly minor issues caused a change in buying preferences.</p> <p>Packaging production lines operate at high speed and require inspection and detection that is reliable, accurate and fast. With packing, cartoning and conveyor systems highly flexible today, checkweighers, metal detectors or x-ray systems are easy to integrate into the product flow.&nbsp; It's important to get your product out the door in perfect shape !</p> It's Not Your Fathers' Carton ! Wed, 21 Aug 2013 13:14:45 EST <p>When I was young, the father of my college roommate was the top salesman for a folding carton manufacturer. He sold a lot of corrugated to major clients.&nbsp; Among these Fortune 500 companies was a well known bicycle manufacturer.</p> <p>Since his son and I were both interested in business, he took us on a tour of the bicycle plant.&nbsp; Looking back, I remember how large, heavy and expensive items were packed and shipped.&nbsp; There was a large amount of corrugated used.&nbsp; The carton weighed almost as much as the item inside !</p> <p>Fortunately today, we have designed and discovered many new products for packaging that provide maximum protection with smart and efficient design.&nbsp; Additionally this results in less material required, lighter weight packages and lower shipping costs.</p> <p>The packaging industry today is focused on not only the product, but also the package, the supply chain and the consumer.&nbsp; All of these link with the popular term "sustainable packaging" !&nbsp; As packaging requirements and innovations are changing daily, one of our responsibilities at Belcorp is to stay aware of improvements and new products so we can serve you better.</p>tags: <a href="'s Not Your Fathers' Carton/">It's Not Your Fathers' Carton</a> Looking at the Tue, 11 Jun 2013 13:19:54 EST <p>In todays' improving economic climate, it seems that new products are being introduced daily !</p> <p>This provides businesses like BELCORP an opportunity to work with companies that require all new packaging solutions to meet the demands of presenting a new product to consumers.</p> <p>When a new house or business is constructed - a general contractor usually coordinates and oversees all phases of building. This concept is now commonly applied to installation of new packaging systems. BELCORP can provide engineering and process design work.&nbsp; We can select appropriate manufacturers for each stage of the process.&nbsp; From distribution of raw materials, mixing and/or filling containers of all shapes and sizes, robotic picking and placing of product, weighing and quality inspecting product, case or carton packing, palletizing and sealing or wrapping for shipment - we can coordinate the entire process and provide a "turnkey solution".</p> <p>Many factors must be considered in a complete system.&nbsp; For example - basic building requirements such as square footage, ceiling height, electrical source and transportation access.&nbsp; That's all <span style="text-decoration: underline;">before </span>you start addressing the packaging requirements. Everything from conveyor configuration to coordinating all control systems engineering has to be considered.</p> <p>BELCORP has handled many of the projects just mentioned.&nbsp; It takes time and expertise to insure that a system can start up and run smoothly, accurately and swiftly !</p> <p>We can provide you with examples of our successes in being responsible for the "General Contractor" role in providing complete packaging solutions for many of our customers in the MidWest and MidSouth area which we serve.&nbsp; Stay on our web site to see the many packaging equipment manufacturers we represent by checking our Partnership Page.&nbsp; Look at our Bulletin Page and review some of the equipment that we have specifically featured.</p> <p>If you are contemplating new equipment - you need to talk to us !</p>